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Bravo’s New Hidden “JOOL”

By Jim Pshock, Founder and CEO of Bravo After 20 years of frustrations with the mainstream corporate wellness programs I was introducing to my TPA cus...

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Fueling Smart Decisions

By Tony Bodak, Vice President of Operations For employers fresh off open enrollment season, 2017 presents a chance to address some of the issues that weren’t addressed in 2016’s benefits structure. Don’t underestimate the power that a well-designed, well-executed wellness program can deliver in overall benefits strategy. And never underestimate......

Wellness Question #64: How much is poor health costing us?

There’s no denying that this is a heavily debated topic. How much is an obese employee costing you? The American Journal of Health Promotion states that they can cost an additional $4,000 annually (including the cost of the plan, productivity and absenteeism).1 Another study indicates that obese women cost an......

Stop Overlooking the Importance of Data

It’s no secret that the overall health of our nation is declining.  Some employers are doing their part to help reverse trends by taking the health of their employees into their own hands.  Employers that invest in the health of their employees often hope for increased productivity, enhanced performance, improved......