Client Day

The week of June 16, Bravo Wellness took time to celebrate its culture – as well as the clients who make what we do possible. Starting with a scavenger hunt, employees went around the city finding and photographing themselves with various clients’ products, stores, or signage. This led up to a company-wide picnic. The picnic was client-themed, meaning that all food consumed and games played were directly tied to our clients and the work they do or the services they provide.

Not only did employees get a chance to unwind, have some fun and enjoy the weather, but they also had an opportunity to familiarize themselves with our clients!

“We are incredibly proud of our culture at Bravo. We reward and recognize people for demonstrating a ‘servant’s heart’ and we promote core values like ‘work-hard, play-hard,’ ” said Bravo Founder and CEO Jim Pshock.

“What started as a simple idea to serve a chicken lunch when we signed our fourth large client from the poultry industry quickly evolved into an opportunity to feature dozens of products and services from a variety of our customers. Our employees not only serve our clients as they develop communications, coordinate screenings, process appeals and alternatives and generate payroll summaries – they also serve our clients by honoring them and making them their preferred supplier whenever possible.”

Check out pictures of the event on our Facebook page!