29 Jan Enhancing Our Client and Participant Experience

Bravo Launching New Participant Web Portal in 2014

Bravo is excited to launch our new participant web portal in 2014! You will notice a new look with new features. Participants will continue to have an intuitive log-in process which will allow them to update and manage their account, with security features to further protect their personal information.

They will also continue to have access to program specific communications for easy access but will see new features such as:

  • Screening reminders of their upcoming appointment located on their dashboard
  • Access to change or even cancel their scheduled screening
  • Ability to add the screening appointment to their calendar


  • Administrative features for clients:
  • Availability to offer text messaging reminders to your participants
  • Monitor, update, and/or remind participants of their upcoming screening appointments
  • Download an Excel spreadsheet with each scheduled screening appointment
  • Generate reports of those not yet registered


As you get ready to begin your next wellness cycle, your Client Account Manager or sales representative can share more with you about our new web portal.

About Bravo Wellness

Bravo Wellness is the thought leader in health-contingent wellness incentive programs. Bravo’s market leadership provides unique insights into industry best practices, identifies ways to mitigate the cost of healthcare, and minimize potential legal risks or compliance concerns. Through our best practices, Bravo helps employers engage their employees, foster personal accountability, and bring about real behavior change towards better health and wellness. Bravo Wellness and its subsidiary, IncentiSoft Solutions, are headquartered in Cleveland, OH.

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