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Bravo Wellness Forms Technology Subsidary, IncentiSoft Solutions

Institute for HealthCare Consumerism – May 2011

Cleveland, OH – May 26, 2011 – Known for leading edge implementation of results-based wellness, Bravo Wellness is pleased to announce its latest innovation for the employee benefit marketplace, IncentiSoft Solutions. With IncentiSoft Solutions, organizations that offer and recommend wellness programs (wellness companies, insurance carriers and third-party administrators) can access Bravo’s IncentiSoft technology and administrative support to optimize their existing wellness products, tools and services. The real “magic” is based on IncentiSoft’s proprietary technology using predictive modeling of various plan designs, logistical support for very complex environments and results-processing that incorporates both participation-based and outcome-based goals, as well as appeals and the completion of alternative programs where desired or required by law.

“Results-based wellness is clearly the direction the market is moving,” said Jim Pshock, Founder and President of Bravo Wellness and IncentiSoft Solutions. “The fastest way to scale and meet the market demand is to empower the excellent existing wellness providers in the nation with access to the tools they need to respond to customer demands. IncentiSoft Solutions makes it simple for health-focused organizations to provide HIPAA-Compliant expert consulting and administrative support that drives their participation levels through the roof, creates immediate return on investment (ROI), and technology that converts lab, screening and appeal results into a simple payroll file for their customers to use.”

In just over two years, Bravo has grown from a startup to a leader in providing results-based wellness programs for more than 145 employer groups and nearly 85,000 participating employees. Bravo’s clients are seeing unparalleled employee participation averaging 95%, return on investment of $400 per employee per year and overall lifestyle improvement. The original Bravo Wellness model was geared for “one employer at a time” marketing and often included biometric screening coordination, health risk assessment tools and health coaching through strategic partners. For more information, visit or

About Bravo Wellness

Bravo Wellness offers services to employers and business partners desiring results-based incentive programs for wellness. Customers experience immediate cost savings by linking employee incentives to participation and results. Bravo Wellness recognized the potential legal challenges of health insurance law, including HIPAA non-discrimination regulations, and has unique expertise in the practical application of wellness regulations for group health plans. Bravo Wellness is headquartered in Avon, Ohio. For more information, visit