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The Institute for HealthCare Consumerism (IHC) recently announced its 2014 Superstars, recognizing those who go above and beyond in executing innovative health and benefit management programs or providing those solutions to organizations. We would like to congratulate all of the winners, but are especially proud of our awarded clients and partners!

Charlie Leatham, Senior Benefit Analysis at Hays Companies, Most Innovative Partner/Consultant Award.

Charlie recognizes the value of outcomes-based incentive programs and their impact on employee lives. He has helped multiple clients find success with these programs and understands each of their unique challenges in the delivery to employees. Charlie works strategically with his clients to meet their wellness needs and increase engagement towards good health. He has a natural way of aligning the HR and benefits teams’ goals with solutions that deliver results.

Chad Thies, first VP of Human Resources at Union Bank & Trust, Most Effective Employee Communication & Education Award.

UBT has created an array of unique benefits in the pursuit of associates’ optimal health. And because they desire to invest in their health, these benefits are not just for those on the health plan. In addition to onsite health screenings and flu vaccinations, they hold educational meetings, provide access to free fitness memberships, health coaches, resource materials, and even free, health conscious meals. They also created a Wellness Passport booklet to contain all the important information and resources for a participant’s personal log of their journey towards health.

Dennis Clark, U.S. Human Resource Director at Valeo, Most Innovative Benefit Plan Design & Implementation Award.

Dennis and his team’s focus on reducing healthcare cost trends has been a tremendous success. Implementing outcomes-based wellness, along with frequent communication to employees and providing tools for health improvement, has helped drive 97% participation. Another business unit of Valeo of similar size and demographics was not offered the wellness plan, allowing Valeo to see a natural control group. The difference was an 11% vs. a 2.5% claims cost trend! The participating population is slowing and reversing the national trends in obesity, elevated blood pressure and nicotine usage.

Kent Grathwohl, Vice President at Group Associates (now Area Vice President with Gallagher Benefit Service), Most Innovative Broker Award.

Kent has been a pioneer in introducing biometric-based wellness programs to his clients, guiding them to wellness solutions that are proven to maintain or reduce corporate costs. Staying current on innovative and cutting edge applications in wellness has allowed Kent to provide unsurpassed support to his clients. With a strong understanding and involvement in his clients’ philosophies, Kent is able to bring wellness initiatives that best fit each culture, and work on a plan design that effectively works for all employees.

Congratulations Superstars!