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It’s no secret that the overall health of our nation is declining.  Some employers are doing their part to help reverse trends by taking the health of their employees into their own hands.  Employers that invest in the health of their employees often hope for increased productivity, enhanced performance, improved employee engagement or morale, and higher retention rates.  At the end of the day it comes down to the fact that a healthy employee is more likely to be a happy employee.

As the return on investment (ROI) of wellness programs continues to be a popular topic of discussion, it is becoming increasingly important to be aware of the common mistakes that employers often make when implementing their solutions.

One of these common mistakes is overlooking the important role that data plays in workplace wellness programs.  Employers tend to get so caught up in the bells and whistles of programs that the basic, yet important, aspects of administering their plans like the security, reliability, and management of data are not even considered in the decision making process.

There are many moving parts to any incentive-based wellness program.  Instead of enlisting the help of multiple vendors to handle different aspects of their program, companies should find a single partner to manage all of their data needs.

When it comes to things as important as an individual’s health and money, clean, consistent, timely and credible data is paramount.