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Written by Brett Lindemann, Manager, Screening Operations at Bravo

For most employers, the idea of implementing a robust wellness program is daunting, particularly because success is often contingent on the biometric screening component. Not only are there a host of logistical challenges to offering your eligible population the opportunity to participate in a screening, the internal resources necessary to coordinate many of the existing solutions are simply not available.   Add in scenarios like remote employees, spouses, multiple locations, second and third shift employees, truck drivers that are not able to schedule appointments in advance, state specific regulations, and it is enough to make your head spin.   Since our inception, Bravo has recognized these intricacies and dedicated an entire team to managing the screening experience on behalf of our clients and their participants.

In 2015 alone, Bravo’s Screening Team implemented and coordinated hundreds of unique biometric screening programs for employers ranging from 1 to 300 locations each with anywhere from 100 to 20,000 eligible participants. How? By using a vast network of national, regional, and local providers that has been carefully vetted and maintained over the last seven years.   As each of these clients vary based on industry and complexity, we recognize that there is no ‘one-size fits all’ solution. The majority of Bravo clients are now using more than one method – through a combination of onsite events, walk-in clinics, physician forms, and in-home exams – which we are seeing contribute to higher participation.

This solution-oriented approach is made possible by a team that is devoted to ensuring a successful screening experience from start to finish.   Behind the scenes, each coordinator works on behalf of the employer with the dedicated Bravo Client Account Manager and our various preferred providers. Each team member helps to determine the most effective solution(s) from the point of ordering and scheduling screenings up through data reconciliation and invoicing. On some occasions this designated Bravo individual is an extension of the employer and will work with many different site contacts on their behalf.

With multiple years of screening data now available, Bravo has built its own preferred network of health professionals across multiple providers and around the country. Throughout the process, the screening team tracks both participant and site contact satisfaction through electronic and paper surveys. Any perceived incidents provided by a participant or an employer contact are researched and maintained on a client and provider basis via an internal Incident Tracker. Each screening coordinator performs a comprehensive review of the services provided upon conclusion of the process in order to further improve next year.

As many of you begin to implement for next year, we wish to share the added value the screening department has the potential to bring to your Bravo experience.   For more information on additional screening solutions or potential options, please reach out to your Client Account Manager or Screening Coordinator.