Bravo helps employers and health plans leverage wellness to strengthen their business and optimize healthcare investment.


By Jim Pshock, Founder and CEO of Bravo

After 20 years of frustrations with the mainstream corporate wellness programs I was introducing to my TPA customers, I founded Bravo. New portals, health assessments, coaching models, mobile apps and wearables would surface a few times a year. They always promised to be more engaging, more accurate, more fun, and of course, be the solution to poor lifestyles, unengaged employees and escalating healthcare costs. Time and time again, I found that only the most proactive, health-conscious and already-engaged employees loved these new programs and features. The couch potatoes, overly stressed and super-busy individuals gave it a pass, or gave it their best for about three weeks then returned to their normal routines.

When the wellness rules changed to allow up to 20 percent of total premium (subsequently increased to 30 percent or 50 percent with tobacco) to be linked to health plan participants actually achieving some type of meaningful outcome, many plans were quick to experiment. While some of those experiments failed (and frankly almost ruined the use of incentives for everyone), some evolved and found the right mix of health targets, improvement goals, participation goals, incentives, communications and tools and resources to equip people to succeed. Although those looking for the simple solution are still typically disappointed with their investment, those who thoughtfully and strategically phase in a great design with Bravo are indeed documenting terrific health improvement and claims trend reduction. It can work!

So what does this have to do with JOOL Health? In my experience, JOOL fills one of the gaps that most of these achievement-based wellness programs are still lacking—intrinsic motivation.

Bravo’s partnership with JOOL helps us be more holistic in our offering. By having a high-tech mobile application that has completely leap-frogged the competition in its ability to use data, real-time inputs and state-of-the-art behavioral science, we’re now able to help individuals cut to the heart of what matters to them most, and link their daily routines to those key, purpose-driven goals.

As JOOL founder, Vic Stretcher, and I shared in our recent webinar on March 22, some see JOOL and Bravo as total opposites. However, we absolutely see them as hand and glove…perfectly aligned solutions.

Large incentives linked to meaningful yet achievable improvement (e.g. BMI < 27.5 or 5 percent weight loss in a year), combined with a supportive environment, great communications, and tools and resources that increase your probability of success, have proven to be a great formula for much of the Bravo population. For those who may need more of an intrinsic anchor to stay motivated, or may want a high-tech personalized resource to help them stay accountable on their journey, JOOL is simply the best way to address that need.

Like many changes, finding the right blend of awareness, motivation, skills and resources to achieve your vision can take some time and adjusting along the way. You can be totally frustrated with fantastic resources that people don’t use, and equally frustrated with a results-based program that employees resist because they feel ill-equipped to succeed. Let Bravo help you avoid these frustrations by finding the right mix for your organization. Contact us today!