5 Essentials That Will Make or Break Your Wellness Initiative


Recorded 04.09.2019


As your organization grows, your employee and organizational needs change, which makes it increasingly difficult to figure out which wellness initiatives will work for your evolving culture.

BUT, there are several fundamentals that every HR team should know and apply to their wellness program regardless of industry or cultural challenges. If your goals include improving the health of your population, increasing intrinsic motivators for healthy behaviors, and creating a culture of wellness, this webinar is for you.

Watch the recording of Sam Veeck, VP of Product and Marketing at Bravo and Ashley Neuman, Account Executive at the world-renowned Cleveland Clinic as they discuss the five essentials for long-term wellness program success.

On this webinar, you'll learn how to:

  • Create and share your vision for wellness that employees can get behind.
  • Determine and overcome the reasons behind why employees don't participate.
  • Deploy personalized interventions that increase intrinsic motivators to improve and maintain health.
  • Make environmental changes to support employees on their path toward well-being.

Watch the webinar recording.

Meet Ashley Neuman, PCC-S

Wellness Account Executive, Cleveland Clinic

Ashley earned a BA in Human Ecology from The Ohio State University, a Master’s of Arts in Community Counseling from John Carroll University. She is a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor with Supervisory designation in the State of Ohio and started in private practice, moving on to Employee Assistance Program (EAP) management within the Cleveland Clinic Wellness Enterprise. Starting her journey in mental health and integrating it into wellness programming offers a unique perspective on assessing and deliver programs that engage participants in behaviors that drive outcomes.