Bravo helps employers and health plans leverage wellness to strengthen their business and optimize healthcare investment.


Mission Statement

To inspire people to achieve their personal best. Bravo helps employers and health plans strengthen their business and optimize their healthcare investment through wellness.

We define strength as: motivating and equipping the heart of any business (your people) to make measurable progress towards their personal best.

Helping people achieve their personal best.

It starts with a vision …

Prior to the launch of your program, we’ll work to help you define your vision for success. Each organization has cultural pillars and constraints. We work to uncover these so that your vision of success is attainable, and that a roadmap can be clearly laid out to get you there.

There are two things that set us apart:

  • We’ll help you develop a custom roadmap for wellness to fit your unique needs and vision. This roadmap (or Action Plan) is put in place for both your HR team and Bravo to work against. It’s our way of establishing shared accountability.
  • You’ll be provided with a dedicated team that will assess your needs and provide tailored support as your program evolves. From fielding participant questions and concerns through our bilingual call center, to seamlessly converting screening data into a vetted payroll or incentive file, we’re here to take the burden off you.

Executive Team

Jim Pshock |

Founder & CEO

Chris Yessayan |


Cheryl Tidwell |

Executive Vice President of Client Operations

Denny Abbuhl |

Chief Financial Officer

Sam Veeck |

Vice President of Product & Marketing

Mikhail Koumoundouros |

Senior Vice President of Sales

Tony Bodak |

Vice President of Business Process Improvement

Shannon Ross |

Vice President of Human Resources

Eric Walker

Director of Information Technology

Advisory Board

Gregory D. Seeley |

Healthcare Law Expert & Legal Counsel

John Harris, MEd, FAWHP |

Health Management Entrepreneur, Author & Speaker

Mike Motta |

Health Management Entrepreneur

Michael O’Donnell, PhD, MBA, MPH |

Management Consultant & Keynote Speaker

Joseph P. Berley, M.D. |

Consulting Medical Director



Our compliance team reviews every plan design and provides regular updates and training to clients regarding the latest from Washington. Whether it’s changes to the ACA, rulings from courts or updates from the EEOC, ADA, GINA, ERISA and more … Bravo’s compliance team keeps you safe.

Screenings Team

We partner with top vendors in the industry and employ a team to manage the details every step of the way. Whether clients have multiple locations for on-site events, send employees to their own providers, or utilize local clinics, we can accommodate their needs and guide them through the process.

Bilingual Call Center

Participants have unlimited access to an in-house, bilingual call center. Our team will assist individuals with questions regarding registration, screenings, biometric results and the appeals process.

Information Technology (IT)

Our in-house IT team developed Bravo’s proprietary technology engine, built for the expressed purpose of incentive tracking and adjudication.

Data and Analytics

Data and analytics collect information, runs reports and assembles the annual aggregate report for each client. This report acts as a program evaluation, identifying things such as accomplishments and potential areas for improvement.


Bravo’s in-house marketing department works to develop communications and promotional materials for clients’ unique program designs. We know that education is key.