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Analyze your wellness program outcomes.

Bravo’s reporting tells the story of how your program is impacting health risks within your population.

Track health risk migration on multiple levels.

Bravo’s migration charts provide an intuitive overview of how health risk prevalence is shifting within your population. Charts show both the migration of health risks within biometric categories (e.g., BMI, glucose, LDL cholesterol, blood pressure and tobacco use) and how participants with multiple health risks are changing over time. Compare risk migration year-over-year for the whole population vs. the cohort of people who have participated since year one.


We use data and financial analysis to help your program stay on track and adjust it if needed.

In a recent study on the effectiveness of eCoaching, 36% of overweight participants moved to a healthy weight classification.

eCoaching for Weight Loss, International Journal of Business, Humanities and Technology, 2014.

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Objectively validate the resources you offer.

When you invest in resources like coaching or online courses, how do you know if they’re truly helping employees? Bravo merges aggregated biometric data with engagement statistics from your participant resources to provide insights into who is engaging in resources and the impact they’re having.


We offer several evidence-based coaching solutions that are proven to create and sustain behavior change.

Target specific populations.

No two locations within your company are alike. Likewise, health risk trends might be very different for your employees and their spouses. We work with our clients in advance to plan for deeper cuts of data. Compare health risks among aggregate subsets such as age, gender, location, or employee designations like hourly vs. salary. Then, discover which locations or populations would benefit most from extra resources through health risk assessment results that measure readiness to change.


Bravo’s in-depth annual analysis compares health risks among subsets such as age, gender, location, or employee designations like hourly vs. salary.

Transform your budget with the power of data.

Between requests from employees and ideas from the wellness committee, there always seem to be more budget requests than budget. What if there was a way for your ideal wellness program to pay for itself? Our reporting includes a budget analysis that shows how your program and incentive structure can help pay for benefits that will transform your culture—like healthier food options or on-site coaching support.

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See the big picture with claims analysis.

Are you aware of how prescription and medical claims relate to the aggregate health risks within your population? Do you know how the claims of those who participate in the program compare to those who don’t? Our analytics team can combine your claims data with your wellness program data to uncover hidden trends, empowering you to make data-driven adjustments and increase the impact of your program.


Let your data work for you. With claims analytics from Bravo, you can take a more proactive approach by targeting potential future health claims and risks.

The reporting package that Bravo provides to its customers is the best I’ve ever seen in the industry, bar none. The reports really provide meaningful, useful and compelling information that can be acted upon in an effective way.

John Harris, Industry Leader

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