For many, the thought of wearing a costume to work on a random Thursday in the middle of February may sound a little eccentric. For the 125+ employees at Bravo Wellness, it was just another year under founder and CEO Jim Pshock.

Pshock’s Cleveland-based company – which specializes in consultation, technology, and administration of corporate wellness incentive plans – celebrated its fourth annual New Year’s Costume Party on Thursday; and this was anything but a random day in February. Employees from every department of the company, which celebrated its five-year anniversary this past October, went all out in preparing for what has become a yearly tradition at Bravo.



Even Jim Pshock, recipient of the 2011 Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year award for Northeast Ohio, and his wife Natalie, who started the company back in 2008, joined in on the fun. It wouldn’t have been a Bravo costume party if they hadn’t.

The bar had been set extraordinarily high with company favorites such as Pearl Jenkins, Captain Jack Sparrow, Albert Einstein, and Flo from the infamous Progressive Insurance commercials. Not to be outdone, however, Bravo employees showed their commitment to sustaining a refreshing culture with group costumes like the Mario Kart gang from our screening services department.



The Mario Kart gang took home the prize for best overall team costume, but Mario and Luigi weren’t the only teammates to make an appearance at Bravo’s costume contest on Thursday. While the rest of their team is off competing for a gold medal at the Sochi Olympics in Russia, select members of the US women’s curling team made a guest entrance at Bravo’s headquarters off Grayton Road in Cleveland.

They even performed for an enthusiastic crowd that gathered in the main lobby of Bravo’s corporate office to the chant of USA! USA! USA!


Why February? Like many companies, October is one of the busiest times of the year for Bravo employees. The majority of the company’s 300+ clients are busy screening their employees for the upcoming wellness program year, and everyone at Bravo is focused on providing the best service for all of our participants.

Bravo’s busiest season usually runs throughout the fall and into the new year, which is why Jim Pshock and his employees take time in January or February to celebrate and enjoy a tradition that started back in 2011.

Here’s a look at some of the other fun costumes that were on display Thursday: