27 Jan Bravo Now Offering Enhanced Budget Tool

Utilize Bravo’s tool to project savings and ROI

With five years of experience administering outcomes-based incentive programs, Bravo Wellness offers a tool that projects savings and ROI that is unlike any other in the industry. Our newly enhanced budget tool makes it easy to test a wide range of wellness incentive plan designs against the Affordable Care Act (ACA) wellness regulations, giving you confidence to provide a compliant program that best fits your culture and program goals.

  • It’s smart – Bravo’s budget tool utilizes its hundreds of thousands of screening records when developing your plan design to estimate the percentage of participants who will pass each criteria you select.
  • It’s flexible – We will work with you to understand your population’s current health and demographics, test a number of variables, and land on a program that best fits your company and desired outcome.
  • It’s safe – Bravo’s tool automatically conducts ACA compliance testing so you can be confident in the delivery of your outcomes-based incentives.  Rest assured that our experience and expertise has led to the development of a safe plan for you to implement
  • It’s informative – Our budget tool factors in program components like progress goals, appeals, and reasonable alternatives.  Taking these elements into consideration leaves you with a much more realistic projection of ROI and savings.  The tool accounts for those who make progress through health improvement programs such as smoking cessation and health coaching.

If you’d like assistance in arriving at a plan design that is right for your employees, budget and organization, contact Bravo today.

About Bravo Wellness

Bravo Wellness is the thought leader in health-contingent wellness incentive programs.  Bravo’s market leadership provides unique insights into industry best practices, identifies ways to mitigate the cost of healthcare, and minimize potential legal risks or compliance concerns.  Through our best practices, Bravo helps employers engage their employees, foster personal accountability, and bring about real behavior change towards better health and wellness.  Bravo Wellness and its subsidiary, IncentiSoft Solutions, are headquartered in Cleveland, OH.

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