01 Jul Bravo Now Offers QuitLogix Smoking Cessation Program

Affordable Care Act Now Requires Smoking Cessation as a reasonable alternative

As a result of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), reasonable alternatives must be given for all health-contingent, outcomes-based programs. The majority of reasonable alternative requirements can be fulfilled by implementing an already existing Bravo Wellness process, such as progress goals. However, the use of tobacco nicotine is assessed as “positive” or “negative” and therefore progress goals do not apply to this category.

The regulations outline completion of a smoking cessation program as a reasonable alternative for tobacco use. Bravo Wellness has worked diligently to find smoking cessation vendors that align with the needs and desires of our clients. Bravo has relationships with many health improvement providers that can bring cessation programs. These programs can fulfill the reasonable alternative requirement under the ACA.

This month we would like to feature QuitLogix. They have served over 840,000 people through their tobacco QuitLine and see an impressive average quit rate of 42%. We have worked with them to design a program that keeps participants personally accountable in their journey to becoming tobacco free. This program requires sincere effort from participants to earn an alternative credit, with an ultimate goal of living a tobacco free lifestyle. Participants must complete 5 calls within 10 weeks to earn their full incentive credit. More information can be found here.

To learn more about this program or other cessation options reach out to your Account Manager or sales representative to request additional information