Bravo’s own Screening Coordinator, Brian Johnson, is on NBC’s The Voice!! He will continue his journey by performing live tonight on the big stage! We are very proud of the work he has done for Bravo Wellness and proud of Brian for pursuing his dreams. Our culture supports passion, and Brian Johnson has taken his passion for music to a whole new level.

Brian’s story is one of perseverance. He tried out four times before getting the opportunity to go to LA and perform with a goal of getting one of the artists to turn their chair around for “his” voice.  He pursued the Voice because “it’s an immediate introduction to millions of people and you get to introduce your style, and your brand.”
Brian has been blessed to do a lot of his singing in church. His style of music is pop, gospel, and soul.  He enjoys artist like Adele, Justin Timberlake, and Sam Smith. He loves to take it back, with old school soul like Bill Withers, and Otis Redding.

Brian’s chair turning performance of “Reason to Believe” resulted in Adam Levine and Blake Shelton fighting for him.  Brian chose Team Blake because he would be unique on his team.

In the battle rounds, Brian sang a duet of “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door”.  He won the battle and continued in the competition. During the knock out rounds, Brian performed “Nothing Ever Hurt Like You”.  He was knocked out by his competitor, but Adam Levine, resuscitated his journey by using a coveted “steal” to bring Brian over to #Team Adam.

Tonight during the live performances Brian will be bringing his own style and brand to The Voice stage. Tune in tonight and join his journey.