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Tyson Foods, Inc. Case Study


For years, Tyson Foods implemented various programs to help employees manage chronic conditions. Their approach included significant investments, including a traditional disease management program and wellness solutions from their insurance carriers like tobacco cessation, gym membership discounts, and even annual wellness fairs at various locations. While people showed appreciation for the tools, few participated in the offerings. Repeated attempts to motivate less healthy individuals and those at higher risk had little impact. 

Tyson’s plan was to gradually move to an improvement-based wellness plan through a phased-in, multiyear approach. In year one, they sought to increase health awareness by rewarding employee participation in a screening. In year three, they implemented a full improvement-based design for both employees and their spouses.

The wellness program not only paid for itself, it also created a wellness fund that Tyson Foods could use to provide health and intervention tools.

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