Build a Results-Driven Wellness Program

With a Cleveland Clinic | Bravo wellness program, you’ll get much more than an online portal for activities and incentives.

Your employees will feel empowered by a clinically-backed program that is designed to meet their needs, and by the cultural and environmental improvements you make as an organization to help the healthy choices become the easy choices.

The result is increased meaningful engagement in the program, improved well-being, and protection against the rising cost of employee healthcare benefits—for both the organization and your employees.

Our data-driven approach to wellness was built to inspire each employee, regardless of where they’re at, to take the next step in their health and well-being journey.

Discover the power that improved participation rates, personalized experiences, evidence-based interventions to support healthy lifestyles and clinically-based plan designs can have on your company culture and employee well-being.


“Bravo understands our business and they helped make our wellness program a strategic investment in our employees.”
– Neil Hemphill, EVP of HR/Administration, Ardent Health Services

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