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Research Study Results: Cleveland Clinic eCoaching for Weight Loss

For years, Cleveland Clinic (the number one heart hospital in the nation for 24 straight years) has made a distinction between health care (helping prevent disease) and sick care (treating disease).

Recognizing that healthcare costs are increasing at a greater than eight percent per year for employers, and the root cause of these increases are largely due to preventable health risks and the claims connected to them, Dr. Michael F. Roizen created the eCoaching solution, which is grounded in 25 years of learning and research from one-on-one health coaching.

eCoaching is a series of email-based, daily interactive (responsive to the participant’s email) wellness coaching programs that are designed to help participants create enduring lifestyle changes. And the programs are clinically proven to do just that.

Download the research paper, “E-Coaching for Weight Loss,” published in the International Journal of Business, Humanities and Technology. This study tests and proves the eCoaching methodology for weight loss and demonstrates the positive, clinically-significant effects of the program.

eCoaching has made all the difference to my weight management journey.  I have the option of emailing day or night if I have thoughts or comments.  I can brag about my goal achievements and I have received encouragement when I stumble.

– Becky

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