Workplace Wellness Assessment


Build a better foundation for employee wellness initiatives with a comprehensive assessment from the wellness experts at Cleveland Clinic.

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Create a healthier culture.

Understanding the cultural behaviors and company policies that impact wellness success is vital for any wellness initiative to truly have a transformative effect on your workforce. 

Your wellness program should be a well-guided investment to improve the health of individuals, create a game-changing work environment, and produce measurable value. A Workplace Wellness Assessment executed by the wellness experts at Cleveland Clinic can help you determine the next steps on your organization’s wellness journey by thoroughly evaluating your people, environment, policies, culture and goals.


Personalized Assessment Process

Your workforce is multidimensional, so the wellness assessment you employ should take your entire organization into account, from your claims data to your vending machines. Because all organizations have different needs, our Workplace Wellness Assessment can be modified to fit your environment and budget.


Surveys & Assessments
Focus Groups
Claims Data


Site Walkthrough
Food Options


Wellness Programs


Desired Outcomes

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Online Surveys

By surveying employees, we can better understand their readiness to change and their perceptions of their home, social and work environments. Armed with this insight, your organization can create a program that is more informed about the needs and limitations of employees, their access to healthy resources, and the social determinants of health across your population.

Focus Groups

Gather further insight into your employees’ perceptions of the current culture of health and wellness at the organization with strategic focus groups. To ensure transparency and prevent any fear of discrimination, employees and managers are separated and feedback is kept anonymous. This process gives employees a voice in the assessment process, building consensus throughout the organization. 

Site Walkthrough & Evaluation

Get the highest level of personalization by giving the wellness experts at Cleveland Clinic a firsthand look at your workplace and culture. Through this personal experience, we'll help identify opportunities to make healthier choices easier in your workplace.


Leadership Discovery Session

It’s vital to understand your HR and leadership team’s foundation with wellness. In this immersive session, we discuss goals, demographics, past experience with wellness, relevant policies, communications, culture and budget. We’ll discuss these topics together in this immersive session.

Biometric and Claims Data Analysis

The data that will inform and guide your wellness efforts comes together when we combine the findings from the survey, focus group, site walkthrough and discovery session with your organization’s aggregated biometric, health risk assessment and claims data. The combination of these powerful and actionable insights helps target your population’s specific habits and health risks, even down to locations or subpopulations.

Multi-Year Strategy and Improvement Roadmap

The Workplace Wellness Assessment concludes with a roadmap personalized exclusively for your organization. The data gathered from the assessment creates the basis for our list of personalized recommendations for cultural and environmental improvements. We also provide a recommended multi-year wellness program design and engagement strategy to help you reach your short- and long-term goals.

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