COVID-19-Era Corporate Wellness Programs


Pandemic-Proof Wellness

While many organizations are undergoing cost-cutting measures brought on by the pandemic, employee wellness should be a mainstay – but it might look different this year.

Our COVID-era wellness programs are more powerful than a symptom tracker for a primarily asymptomatic virus.

We worked with our team at Cleveland Clinic to develop a program that helps participants improve their health, increase resiliency and manage chronic conditions, and doesn’t rely on biometric screenings.

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Personal Coaching for Emotional + Physical Health

Navigating Change is a program developed during the COVID-19 pandemic to help support employee health and well-being, particularly during times of change, crisis, uncertainty and unrest. Participants will work with a Cleveland Clinic health coach on increasing resiliency and building or improving health-focused routines.

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Return to Work Guidance

Timely, clinical advice for employers as they reopen their doors and rethink their employee wellness benefits for 2020 and beyond. Watch our previous discussions to learn more about our recommendations, and get a sense of the type of consulting available via the Bravo + Cleveland Clinic partnership.


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