How to Create a Culture of Wellness


Recorded 06.19.2018

Many employers have figured out the hard way what studies have shown for years: offering health education, resources or activities alone does not automatically translate to improved employee health. 

To truly inspire people to maintain or improve their health, the organization’s culture must facilitate and support those goals. And that’s where most wellness programs fall short—because building a culture of wellness isn’t magic; it’s hard work.

Want to see real results from a wellness program that employees appreciate? Watch this webinar to learn:

  • How you can take purposeful action to improve your culture and benefit from a physically healthy, mentally strong and resilient workforce.
  • How employee health impacts engagement, culture and organizational performance
  • How to apply GE’s Change Acceleration Process to deepen engagement and commitment to your wellness program and more broadly, a culture of health and well-being
  • Practical steps HR professionals can take to facilitate lasting change and cultural improvement

Watch the Webinar Recording