04 Mar Do Wearable Health & Fitness Devices Really Work?


Over the past few years, “wearables” (such as Fitbit, Nike+ Fuelband, and Jawbone) have become increasingly popular.  It hasn’t been until recently that people began to question whether or not these devices actually work. A recent study by Gregory Welk, an Iowa State professor, brought some interesting statistics to light, including the fact that wearables can be inaccurate by up to 40%.

Despite the fact that such devices might not produce the specific results they claim to, Bravo Wellness believes that anything that causes an individual to take a more active role in their health is a positive thing.  True that there may be room for these devices to improve, but providing resources and making it easier for people to achieve health goals in the meantime is certainly a benefit!

Where confusion really sets in is when these wearables are utilized in and incorporated into workplace incentive programs.  Bravo firmly believes in rewarding results, not just the completion of a program or activity.  That being said, devices like these should be used to promote health awareness and in contests to build teamwork but incentives should not be directly tied to tracked steps, moves or clicks.

To read the full report and learn more about the findings, click here: http://www.workforce.com/articles/21266-missed-steps