Bravo helps employers and health plans leverage wellness to strengthen their business and optimize healthcare investment.


At Bravo, our wellness programs are designed to focus on personal improvement instead of just meeting an outcome. Why? Personal improvement is not just the key to employee wellness … it’s the key to sustainable employee benefits.

We specialize in three key things for organizations …

  • Control healthcare costs.
  • Inspire personal improvement.
  • Make/keep benefits a competitive advantage.



Crystal clear awareness for participants and aggregated health risk analysis for your HR/benefits teams.


Leverage emotional, social and financial drivers to help inspire the highest participation and engagement rates possible.


Personalized support for your whole population and flexible online tools to empower behavior change.

  • Targeted high-risk coaching
  • Personal health coaching
  • Unlimited inbound coaching
  • QuitLogix tobacco cessation
  • Financial wellness
  • Healthy recipe library
  • Workout video library
  • SelfHelpWorks

Action Plan

Bravo takes care of the operational details behind the scenes so you and your team can focus on building a more supportive environment for every employee.

From implementation through program evaluation, your team will be equipped with a roadmap for addressing the health issues you uncover and for redirecting the resources you’re able to generate through the wellness plan back to your people.

  • We take care of the operational details behind the scenes:
    • Screenings management and quality control
    • Administration of personalized reasonable alternatives
    • High and low tech support
    • Data integrity
    • Compliance certification
  • You focus on building the right environment:
    • Wellness committee training and fund
    • Team challenges
    • Sustainable wellness fund
    • Data reporting structure (identify which data points are most valuable to you)