Bravo helps employers and health plans leverage wellness to strengthen their business and optimize healthcare investment.


Complex Screening Solutions That Respond to Your Structure

Do you have distinct groups within your population that present challenges to typical screening solutions? That’s where we excel!

  • Mapping screening locations that have parking lots large enough for big rigs (transportation).
  • Building compliant screening solutions for hospitals to use their own internal screening capabilities (healthcare).
  • Scheduling screening dates and times to account for minimal impact to production, while still accounting for time for donning and doffing (food processing).
  • Providing year-round options to efficiently onboard new hires mid-program (industrial manufacturing).

Nationwide Network

On-site, in-home and clinical screening options are available nationwide via Bravo’s screening network. Our in-house screenings team will not only design a custom solution to serve each of your unique populations, but will also manage the screening process to ensure all screening events are communicated clearly and run smoothly.

  • On-site screenings: Arrange on-site screening events conveniently at your work location(s).
  • In-home screenings: Have a lot of remote employees? Coordinate in-home screening appointments to accommodate their schedules.
  • Clinical screenings: Participants can screen at a number of off-site lab locations.
  • Provider screenings: Bravo can manage the submission of provider screening forms if you’d prefer to drive employees to their personal doctor.

Biometric-Based Health Risk Assessment

The power behind our comprehensive 15-question health risk assessment (HRA) is that it blends a participant’s responses to health-habit questions with biometric data from their screening. We then compare their results against a national database of behavioral and biometric data that closely matches the individual’s age and gender. The result is a powerful report that highlights an individual’s five-year disease risk and the percentage of that risk that is modifiable.