Bravo helps employers and health plans leverage wellness to strengthen their business and optimize healthcare investment.


Client Admin Dashboard

View real-time aggregate data that can give you a clear view into the performance of the wellness plan (participation rates, number of scheduled screening and coaching appointments, etc.) and communicate directly with participants to help engage your population.

Client Admin Dashboard and Reporting

To provide HR teams with quick access to progress updates, the ability to send messages and even help participants register or schedule a screening, we’ve created a separate client admin dashboard. This empowers teams to report, in real time, the engagement and participation levels within the program.

Highlights of client admin dashboard:

  • Real-time reporting
  • Appointment management
  • Global and individual statistics
  • Program resources
  • Screenings scheduled
  • Access participant registration statuses
  • Assist in scheduling appointments
  • Sort by screening/work locations

Real-time statistics: Each authorized representative is given access through their own personal account. They are able to view real-time global and participant statistics in relation to the completion of registration, screening scheduling, HRA completion and more. Program resources such as downloadable forms can also be monitored.

Targeted reporting: Authorized representatives can see who has completed certain steps in the registration process. Green and red buttons make it easy to differentiate between those who have and have not completed important steps. The filter feature also makes it simple to locate participants by work or screening locations.

Annual Reporting

At the end of the program cycle, each client receives a detailed aggregate report outlining the performance of their plan. This report includes a breakdown of key success metrics, charts that show the migration of your whole population related to the five major health risks, and an analysis of the plan’s financial performance.

Overview of Key Program Success

Each aggregate begins with a high-level overview of program accomplishments:

  • Total number of participants
  • Satisfaction survey results
  • Total number of health risks reduced
  • Total number of pounds lost
  • Number of service calls

Charts Showing a Clear Migration of Risks Year-Over-Year

Bravo’s internal data and analytics team has developed a series of charts to help showcase the reduction in health risks among participants. We are able to take the whole population and show how each risk category improved or worsened over one year or the length of the wellness program.

Analysis of Earned and Unearned Incentives

The aggregate report also breaks down the financial impact of the wellness plan, including an analysis of the savings the plan has generated and what to do with those dollars to further drive down the health risks identified.

Comparison With Industry Trends

In addition to a year-over-year financial analysis of the wellness plan, Bravo works with each of our clients and their broker partners to do a long-term analysis of renewal rates vs. average industry renewal rates. This gives clients a clear view of the costs avoided by implementing their wellness plan.

Custom Views of Data That Help Your Team Identify Where Additional Resources Are Needed

Whether you are a large multi-site employer or have a variety of different roles that present very unique risk pools, Bravo can give you a detailed view of how risks break down within your broader population.