Bravo helps employers and health plans leverage wellness to strengthen their business and optimize healthcare investment.


Personal health is … well … personal. For it to be discussed in the workplace, it needs to be addressed in an honest, direct, empathetic, empowering and attention-getting way. To drive high engagement within a wellness plan, we focus on removing the taboos around discussing health risks and provide the tools and support necessary so that individuals can feel encouraged to take their first step. We’ll provide a comprehensive list of deliverables that includes a timeline for delivery and recommended distribution methods.

Engagement Within a Bravo Plan Is Built Over a Series of Three Overlapping Layers

Get informed: Our chief goal is to explain and define what wellness means within the context of your specific plan design.

  • Digital and print communications campaign (introducing program)
  • JOOL Health (discover your purpose in life with this powerfully intuitive mobile app and dashboard)
  • Emails and text reminders

Get started: Help each participant understand and believe that they have the power to change and make a difference in both their health and finances. Here we empower action.

  • Sense of urgency campaign (driving registration)
  • Engagement campaign (driving participation)
  • Email and text reminders

Get results: Encourage each participant by explaining that their health isn’t a problem, but an opportunity for improvement.

  • Results letter (outlining biometric results and incentives earned)
  • Appeals and alternatives correspondence (explaining process)
  • Communications surrounding available tools and resources
  • Participant year-in-review (summary of aggregated data)