Bravo helps employers and health plans leverage wellness to strengthen their business and optimize healthcare investment.


If structured the right way, wellness can have the same impact that “good driver” discounts have had for auto insurance. Meaningful incentives ($1,200/year for an individual and $2,400/year for a family) give people greater control over the personal cost of benefits and help them share in the perks of the company’s flatter benefits cost trend.

Incentives tied to health improvement have been a major factor in helping many of our clients dramatically lower health risks within the cohort population and maintain consistently lower benefits cost trends than their industry peers and the national averages (see our case studies for more detail).

Incentives Intelligent Enough to Leverage Your Benefits Structure

Whether you are contributing to employee benefits through a traditional, fully-insured model, health savings accounts or the exchanges, Bravo can design and implement incentives that work within your benefits structure. In addition, we offer a variety of options for fulfilling the incentives: payroll adjustment, reloadable reward cards, access to different benefit plans, deductible adjustments, etc.

We specialize in taking complex challenges and bringing simplicity so your employees clearly understand and are incented to participate. Our background and experience make us the industry leader in facilitating custom incentive designs.

Build Towards Improvement

Not every company we partner with is ready for a performance-driven wellness plan right from the start. That’s why our programs are designed to deliver an effective wellness solution that fits your cultural needs today, and evolves with your team over time.

One of the main motivators impacting your participation rates is your strategy around financial incentives. Not only the size, but how you award them. That is why Bravo has built three different incentive designs that provide a phased-in approach to a program that rewards individual improvement.

The Wellness Tracks We Offer:

Aware: Start building a culture of health awareness by tying financial incentives to participation goals like completing an HRA and biometric screening. Reward your people for becoming aware of their current health status.

Active: If your culture has already focused on health awareness, begin tying incentives to healthy benchmarks. Your people will still be able to earn the full incentive through participation alternatives, but the goal is to encourage health improvement, not just awareness.

Strong: No two individuals in your population are the same. Individually empower, challenge and support each of them by tying incentives to personal improvement goals either set by their provider or by our medical director. Inspire and reward your people for achieving their personal best.