Bravo helps employers and health plans leverage wellness to strengthen their business and optimize healthcare investment.


Focus Your Efforts on What Matters Most

At Bravo, we believe that wellness starts with a vision. We’ll work with you to define your vision by asking questions like, “How do you measure success?” and “In what areas do your people need the most help?” This allows us to design your plan in a way that lets you focus your efforts on what matters most.

Integrating education, motivation, empowerment and an action plan into your wellness initiatives is critical in influencing real achievement for both you and your population. Our coaching solutions focus on empowering your people by providing them with the right tools at the right time. We partner with best-in-class vendors that bring a portfolio of resources available for your whole population, as well as for those specifically at high risk.

We recognize that you may have already made an investment into on-site clinics, be in long-term contracts with disease managers or other coaching providers, or may even be a clinical resource yourself. Following strict HIPAA guidelines, we’ll share data with any approved entity that can help individuals address health concerns identified through the screening process.

Personal Health Coaching

A participant may want to focus on a particular area of health improvement. We’ve made a personal health coach available to anyone in your population who is ready to proactively take charge of their health but needs help establishing a plan to achieve their goals.

High-Risk Coaching

If targeted interventions for your highest-risk participants are your goal, our internal data and analytics team will stratify your population based on 30+ unique triggers. Driven by the individual’s biometric lab values and health risk assessment (HRA) responses, this process identifies participants with uncontrolled and/or undiagnosed chronic conditions. Our coaches will use this information to develop a custom plan, working hand-in-hand with the participant’s healthcare provider and a pharmacist.

Tobacco Cessation

Telephonic and web-based programs are available to individuals who are ready to give up tobacco products or are just starting to think about it. We use an evidence-based approach to inspire permanent behavior change, and provide personalized tobacco cessation to help motivate individuals.

Unlimited Inbound Coaching

Bravo provides the opportunity for everyone in your population to speak directly to a coach by simply picking up the phone. These certified coaches will be available to assist your participants with any health-related topic, anytime throughout the calendar year. No scheduled appointment is needed.

Online Health University

Participants can choose to engage in video courses with topics such as weight reduction and nutrition, stress management, diabetes management and exercise. Online Health University provides six evidence-based courses designed to produce meaningful results and address the root cause of behaviors related to specific health issues using Structured Cognitive Behavioral Training™ to drive lasting change.