Bravo helps employers and health plans leverage wellness to strengthen their business and optimize healthcare investment.


Focused Web Portal Experience

Let’s level with each other. No one needs another portal. That’s why we believe a portal is only as valuable as its ability to help an individual achieve their goals for strength and well-being. Of course it has to be effective, simple, secure and engaging. But its real role is to support the progress of your employees.

Responsive, User-Friendly Interface

Communications: Access to program-specific communications such as plan design, results letter, FAQs and more.

Reminders: Ongoing text and email reminders about important program information and events.

Easy steps: Simple steps to navigate through program registration, scheduling a screening, completing an HRA and more.

Incentives: View program goals and incentives and track improvement, appeals/alternatives and earned discounts.

Online Health University

Participants can choose to engage in video courses with topics such as weight reduction and nutrition, stress management, diabetes management and exercise. Online Health University provides six evidence-based courses designed to produce meaningful results and address the root cause of behaviors related to specific health issues using Structured Cognitive Behavioral Training™ to drive lasting change.

Year-Round Engagement Tools and Resources

When it comes to building a great culture, it really comes down to engagement, right? Nothing can happen in any organization without it. It is our passion to make a connection with your employees’ well-being, provide opportunities, reward, measure and support you.

Features and highlights:

  • Team and individual challenges
  • Personalized user experience
  • Nutrition tracker
  • Recipe database
  • Local weekly food specials
  • Device sync (Fitbit, Jawbone, Garmin and more)
  • Meal plans
  • Fitness/lifestyle articles and videos

Relevant advice from experts: Content is developed in partnership with leading experts in physical training, exercise routines, financial wellness, developing/finding purpose and cooking.

Custom Development

Our years of industry experience have helped us create a comprehensive health engagement portal that empowers your participants. Its streamlined design accommodates the majority of client requests, however, there is still the occasional need for custom development. When those situations arise, Bravo’s in-house development team can create custom solutions that allow you to work within your existing benefits structure or connect to preferred partners.