Bravo helps employers and health plans leverage wellness to strengthen their business and optimize healthcare investment.


Meet the Team Behind Each Bravo Plan

Wellness programs are only as effective as the team behind the scenes. At Bravo, we provide best-in-class talent to help you navigate the important decisions and take care of all the details so HR can focus on what matters most—your people.

Dedicated Account Management

We empower your HR team so that you can focus on the goals of your program while we focus on the details behind the scenes. Our dedicated account team will assess your needs and provide the necessary support for HR when it comes time to implement the program.

In-House Development

Our own in-house development team built the software that runs our participant portal, which gives us the flexibility to create custom solutions for clients when needed. Whether it’s a unique data feed or the integration of an existing program, our team will work together with yours to wireframe a solution and create a custom development roadmap.


Bravo’s marketing department develops annual communication campaigns for each client based on best practices. If needed, custom campaigns and materials can also be designed to augment any communications plan.


Our compliance team reviews every plan design and provides regular updates and training to clients regarding the latest from Washington. Whether it’s changes to the ACA, rulings from courts or updates from the EEOC, ADA, GINA, ERISA and more … Bravo’s compliance team keeps you safe.

Screenings Team

Whether you have multiple locations for on-site events, send employees to their own providers, or utilize local clinics, we have a dedicated team to manage the details on your behalf. We ensure your employees are informed and handle any logistical issues that may arise before the screening date.

Bilingual Call Center

Participants have unlimited access to Bravo’s in-house, bilingual call center for assistance with registration, scheduling screening and coaching appointments, and the appeals process. We’re here to help shoulder some of the burden, addressing questions your HR or wellness team would typically be left to handle.

Data and Analytics

Each client receives an in-depth annual report that transparently walks through all measures of the plan’s performance. Our internal data team analyzes the results and identifies important trends and issues to address.