How to Use Workplace Wellness to Manage  Health Risks Related to COVID-19


Recorded 5.19.2020


As the economy reopens, keeping employees safe is of utmost importance. But how? What are the best practices and are those best practices rooted in clinical advice?

Watch the recording of a power-packed discussion led by two Ohio-based organizations—a state on the forefront of the pandemic response receiving national accolades for their approach.

On this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Why Americans with conditions like high blood pressure, obesity and diabetes account for 90% of those hospitalized with COVID-19.
  • Data-driven strategies to measure and manage COVID-19 related risk across your organization.
  • How to leverage your employee wellness program to help individuals understand and improve their risk. 

Watch the Webinar Recording

Meet the Presenters

Dr. Michael RoizenMichael Roizen, M.D.

Chief Wellness Officer Emeritus
Cleveland Clinic

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Nicole GrassoNicole Grasso

National Wellness Solutions Strategist, Bravo Wellness