04 Jun Final ACA Wellness Regulations Have Been Published

New ACA Regulations Strengthen Bravo’s Position with Outcomes-Based Wellness

We are very excited that the final Affordable Care Act wellness regulations have been published and that we now have clarity as to what employers may offer for their 2014 plans. Within 24 hours, Bravo held a webinar to share this knowledge with you. The regulations contain provisions and concepts that align well with what Bravo Wellness has already been providing, yet are foreign to our competitors. One of these is the administration of incentives for improvement and personalized progress goals determined by a person’s own physician.

Although many customers need to make minor tweaks to their appeal language and point structures, Bravo is thrilled that the ACA Wellness regulations are published. We can now make the necessary adjustments and then move full-steam ahead. Don’t panic and don’t be misled by those suggesting that the power of outcomes-based incentives has been weakened. Contrary to what some are professing, employers do not have to grant full rewards to everyone who participates in a wellness activity or completes a coaching program. The final regulations permit the reward of medically reasonable improvement, a “best practice” recommendation that our platform has supported for some time.

The following table shows the ACA regulations which may have the most impact on your wellness program as well as how Bravo recommends handling these changes.

ACA regs

* “Employers can still tie amounts >30% to participation-based incentives”

** “Amounts tied to tobacco use can be used to offset premium contributions used for 9.5% affordability testing”