As we approach our six year anniversary this October, I find myself reflecting on what has been an amazing journey filled with twists and turns, as well as relationships that make it a true joy to come to work every day. When my wife, Natalie, and I decided to launch Bravo, it was a time of excitement and anxiety. We had never done anything like this, yet I knew that many employers wanted to understand the new wellness regulations and wanted someone to work with who could make the seemingly overwhelming task of designing, communicating, implementing and administering an outcomes-based wellness incentive design simple. I’m forever grateful to those early adopters who were willing to pioneer this space with us.

Six years later, we are blessed to serve those same customers (many now in their fourth and fifth years of seeing measurable improvement), as well as hundreds of new employers, consultants, insurance companies and other partners whom we are honored to partner with. It’s still difficult to tell my friends and neighbors exactly what Bravo does and explain why we’re so different from the hundreds of other companies wanting to improve the health of an employer’s population. Perhaps it’s because we aren’t trying to “sell” anything. Perhaps it’s because we want to understand needs and solve problems. We partner with innovators. Some ideas are great. Some don’t pan out. That’s the nature of innovation.

If you want something you’ve never had before, you have to do something you’ve never done before.

I hope you take a few moments to view the new “Who We Are” video link. Natalie and I couldn’t be more proud of our team and how, in the midst of Bravo and our clients winning awards and national recognition, we’ve been fortunate to maintain a simple principle – it’s an honor to serve. Our employees serve each other. It’s a privilege to serve our customers and all of their participants. Are we perfect? No. But you won’t find a more caring group of people who will listen, learn, take corrective action, and make improvements to constantly bring our customers the information, research and advice to meet their unique needs. Our systems, processes, documentation, training and quality control are beyond what most expect to see in our industry and we’re committed to keeping them a priority.

Thank you for trusting us, for growing with us, and for allowing us the privilege to partner with you as we together discover the best processes, incentive designs, resources, tools and communications to help you achieve your goals.