03 Jun How Does a Workplace Wellness Program Benefit Me?

Resources for Employers about Improving Health and Productivity

Worksite wellness programs have been shown to benefit employers through enhanced employee productivity, improved health care costs, reduced employee absenteeism, and decreased rates of illness and injuries. These programs benefit employees by lowering stress levels, increasing well-being, self-image, and self-esteem, improving physical fitness, increasing stamina, increasing job satisfaction, and potentially reducing weight.

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and Aligning Forces for Quality demonstrate how employers can drive accountability for providers and insurers to help patients get better quality care that makes more efficient use of health care dollars.


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The Importance of Creating a Culture of Wellness in the Workplace

When beginning down the path of corporate wellness, one question that an employer should ask is “How can I create a culture of health at the workplace?”

Many employers will jump right into implementing wellness programs, but fail to set a foundation of health by creating a real “culture” at the workplace. By solidifying the company’s commitment to healthy employees, you can gain more engagement from your employees. When creating a culture of health at the workplace, an employer is making a statement to their employees that they care about their health, and are dedicated to helping them live healthier lives.

Developing a culture of health at the workplace