Mental Health Coaching and Resources

Build a resilient workforce by focusing on mental health.

Employees who have the tools to improve their mental health are more engaged and productive in their jobs, miss less work and may even lower their chronic disease risk. 

NEW! Mental Health Coaching


Mental Health Coaching is a condensed package of Cleveland Clinic coaching programs that focus on managing emotions, building resilience, reducing stress and overall personal and professional development. 

1-on-1 Support

Participants share their goals and challenges, and their dedicated coach provides guidance, problem-solving tools and coping strategies that work for them.

Accessible and Private

Participants can email their coach anytime, anywhere—perfect for non-traditional work schedules. Plus, participants may feel more comfortable communicating about difficult topics or experiences via email than over the phone or in person.

Overseen by Mental Health Clinicians

Mental health clinicians monitor interactions, provide crisis intervention in case of emergencies, and make referrals to employer-sponsored or community resources for individuals who may benefit from more in-depth care.

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Other Resources To Support Mental Health

Online Health University

Self-paced video courses that help break down barriers to better health. 

Online Health University consists of eight courses that employ a cognitive-behavioral training process to retrain the brain and the body to elicit positive and long-lasting behavior change. Two of the courses focus specifically on emotional well-being:

  • LivingEasy: Create a sense of calm and resilience.
  • LivingSmart: Manage alcohol use and gain control.
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Wellness Challenges

Individual and group activities to kickstart healthy habits. 

No matter where someone is on their health journey, we provide challenges and resources to guide them. Our well-being challenges are easy to administer and can help participants improve their emotional well-being. 

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Program Results


40% Decrease in Depression and Anxiety Symptoms

Cleveland Clinic Coaching: Clarity


30% Decrease in Perceived Stress

Cleveland Clinic Coaching: Stress Free Now


20% Increase in High Self-Efficacy

Cleveland Clinic Coaching: Navigating Change


52% Decrease in Alcohol Consumption

Online Health University: LivingSmart


Program Spotlight 

Clarity is a Cleveland Clinic Mental Health Coaching program that helps participants manage their emotions and focus on personal development and growth.

Watch the video to learn why employers should invest in mental health coaching, how mental health coaching differs from counseling, and why Cleveland Clinic Coaching is more effective than telephonic coaching and automated programs.

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Educational Resources for 
Improved Mental Health

How to Help Employees Improve Their Resilience in the Workplace

Resilience is a top skill needed in today's workplace. Read how you can help your workforce cultivate a resilient mindset and prioritize employee well-being.

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Ideas to Support Employees During Times of Crisis

Learn the latest data about stress and mental health in America, the impact of stress on the body, and how to support employees.

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Know the Signs of Burnout in Employees: How to Help Prevent Stress

Burnout is a widespread occurrence in today’s organizations, but it’s also avoidable. Learn the signs of burnout in employees and how to prevent it.

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Exercises, Worksheets and Meditations to Reduce Stress

Visit our COVID-19 resources site for 30-minute yoga videos, stress-reducing meditation practices, and emotional well-being worksheets.


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