Not all organizations are open to an outcomes-based wellness incentive program. Some employers may want a low-cost program that simply provides wellness opportunities for their employees, while others value the nature of what an outcomes-based program does – drives and rewards healthy behavior – despite its higher cost. Some who desire these outcomes-based programs will select a wellness provider simply based on price. Justifying costs for incentive programs can vary per organization, but is there value in program components that actually impact healthy behaviors? Neither program is wrong, as all these examples emphasize wellness, however the results are typically very different.

The questions your organization needs to ask are:

1. What do we want our employees to get out of this program?

2. What does our organization value that justifies the expense?
If your organization recognizes the benefits of an outcomes-based incentive program, determine how impactful you want the program to be.

  • Do you value health improvement over participation or program completion?
  • Do you value incentives paid out to those with actual health improvement?
  • Do you value employees taking steps towards better health and a vendor that will work with a participant’s physician?
  • Do you value the validation of data, resolved discrepancies and correct payroll files?
  • Do you value a vendor that knows, understands, and consults on best practices of the wellness regulations?

At Bravo, we recognize that there is always a competitor willing to try and compete as “the cheapest” vendor, but you get what you pay for.  Bravo Wellness values health improvement, incentives, employees, data integrity and the relationships with our vendors.  Our plan designs represent a greater value that far surpasses the offerings of our competitors.  Only your organization can determine the value of a compliant vendor that emphasizes health improvement and accurate data management.