Bravo helps employers and health plans leverage wellness to strengthen their business and optimize healthcare investment.


What is your company doing with 30%?

Start leveraging the 30% of premium that the federal wellness regulations allows your company. Turn your employee’s existing benefits structure into a sustainable engine that not only pays for wellness programs but also provides the resources to pay for benefits like high-risk coaching, healthier food options, team challenges, standing desks and more.

Bravo’s proprietary budget planning tool, developed using our years of experience and knowledge of federal wellness regulations, provides a powerful view into how wellness can be a solution for your employee benefits plan. See how plan design parameters, and contribution and incentive levels, can be tweaked to provide a financial model that can become a sustainable method for funding benefits your company has always talked about but never had the resources to fund, things like:

  • Personal health coaching
  • Tobacco cessation programs
  • Weight Watchers®
  • Team challenges
  • Office environments that empower wellness (standing desks, treadmill desks, on-site fitness centers, etc.)
  • Wellness committee budgets

Provide us with some basic information about your plan and what you’re trying to accomplish and we’ll give you a full report and walk you through the details behind our recommendations. We’ll also sit down with you and tweak the inputs to the tool so you can see exactly how we’ll develop a plan design that gets your company to where you want it to be.

Let Bravo help your company reach it’s wellness goals today.