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April 02, 2016 | ROI, Well-Being, Corporate Wellness & Benefits

Why Wellness? Why Bravo? Why Now?

Most everyone intuitively knows that healthy people are more productive, have higher levels of energy and incur fewer medical, workers’ compensation and disability claims. The real question is, “What role should an employer play in helping individuals achieve an improved health status?”

No employer wants to cross the line between caring for their people and intruding upon personal life choices. And they don’t have to. In the same way employers invest into employee customer service training, team building, conflict management and other learned behaviors that enhance individual performance, they can invest into the health of their people as well.

By helping their employees to minimize the impacts of stress, encouraging them to eat nutritious meals and assisting them in breaking harmful addictions, employers can have a meaningful and permanent impact on the lives of their associates and, in many cases, their families as well.

The idea of wellness and its benefits is easy to embrace. But is wellness a missing element in peoples’ lives because they don’t have access to a cool app or website or because it’s simply not a high enough priority? Of all the projects vying for the attention of Human Resources and company leaders, can an investment into employee well-being really make the cut?

Is there a business rationale, clear value proposition for the shareholders and enough upside for companies to put the priority of health improvement above other initiatives? There usually is if you approach wellness as you would other business opportunities. Employee wellness is an investment. It needs to make sense for your people, your culture and your budget.

If your wellness program is relegated to hold the same value as your company picnic or other social gatherings, you’ve impacted the culture but have you made a good business decision? Bravo is the partner who looks holistically at your benefits strategy and your goals to create a wellness program that addresses all of the business objectives that are important to you.

Why Now?

Remember the definition of insanity—doing the same thing over and over, expecting different results each time. If you need great tools and resources, we have that. But it hasn’t been the absence of intervention and resources that have kept a large portion of your population from engaging in better health. When achievement matters, when goals are clear and rewards are meaningful, the masses will engage.

The programs Bravo administers often achieve 90 percent or more participation and our data shows that participants with one of five major chronic risks were 50 percent more likely to eliminate that risk with a meaningful financial incentive to do so—compared to simply being incentivized for completing a program.

If you don’t start now, then when? If you wait until much later this year, your employees will feel as though you haven’t given them enough time to prepare and the ROI will diminish as you remove all the meaningful goals. Why now? Because it works, it matters and it’s worth it. Want help making your business case for wellness? Contact us today.

Topics: ROI, Well-Being, Corporate Wellness & Benefits

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