April 12, 2016 | Compliance

A Response to Proposed Equal Employment Opportunity Commission Regulations on Employer-Sponsored Health, Safety, and Well-Being Initiatives

Bravo worked alongside the American Heart Association, the Health Enhancement Research Organization, Performance pH, Population Health Alliance, and a handful of other credible industry organizations as a contributing author to this nationally recognized document published by the American College of Occupation and Environmental Medicine. The comment period for the EEOC’s proposed regulations regarding health, safety and well-being initiatives resulted in over 300 conflicting comments. Bravo assisted in the creation and establishment of a consensus group with the intention of bringing clarity and uniformity to these proposed regulations.


Topics: Compliance

Learn more about our compliance team and processes to make sure that each plan design leverages the power of the regulations without putting employers or employees in harm's way, all while protecting employees' health information.

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