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8 Steps to ROI in Wellness

Most employers have read the studies that show that healthy people are more productive, have higher levels of energy and incur fewer medical, workers’ compensation and disability claims.

But when it comes to measuring the impact of their own programs, less than half (42%) of employers report that they’re able to demonstrate the value of health and wellness to their organization. And only a third them have the metrics they need to justify their investment in a health and wellness program.1

The level of spending on employee well-being programs is not frivolous. It requires close supervision to make sure the money is well-spent. That’s why it’s so important to design the program in a way that produces a measurable result.

To help our friends in HR do that, we just wrote a new guide called “8 Steps to ROI in Wellness”. This guide digs into the details on how to design a culturally-specific wellness program that gets measurable results. 


Learn how to control rising healthcare costs with a sustainable wellness program. Download our 8 Steps to ROI in Wellness Guide to find out how your organization can control rising healthcare costs, inspire personal improvement to drive down health risks, and attract and retain top talent.


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