December 15, 2016 | Webinar, ROI, Corporate Wellness & Benefits

The Importance of Using Data in Your Wellness Program

High cost claimants comprise 31 percent of large employers’ total spending, and 53 percent of the healthcare costs for high cost claimants are for chronic conditions. The purpose of wellness is to not only help individuals get healthier but also to protect your benefits plan. Are the individuals driving these claims part of your wellness program?

On this 30-minute webinar, Andy Carr showcases our product offering, Claims Analytics. He walks through how this product will allow us to analyze your medical and pharmacy claims data in conjunction with your wellness program’s biometric and incentives data to provide you with a tailored strategy and actionable steps for improving health risks and high claims within your population.

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Topics: Webinar, ROI, Corporate Wellness & Benefits

Watch our recorded webinar to learn how to find your cultural markers, determine the values that should be driving success, and design a strategy to market wellness based on the things that matter most to your population.

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