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Designing Wellness as a Benefits Solution

When employers face a premium increase, they turn to the typical levers to help shield employees from the added renewal costs. They change who is covered, or what’s covered. They raise deductibles. They eliminate the "non-essential." They share the cost with employees.

Instead of racking your brain looking for a new combination of the old levers to pull, walk into your benefits renewal conversation with a plan to break the cycle of frustration.

Watch this webinar to hear Jim Pshock, Founder and CEO of Bravo, and Josh Taylor, Director of Marketing at Bravo, discuss:

  • Their perspective on a fair and equitable wellness and benefits strategy.
  • How wellness can be used to decrease health risks and stifle claims cost trend increases.
  • Which wellness program elements you need for employees to get and stay healthy, without sacrificing employee morale or throwing money away.

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