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October 08, 2019 |

ERChealth Continues Impressive Results Anchored in Employee Wellness


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By Jim Pshock, Founder & CEO, Bravo Wellness

I was honored to present to gatherings of ERChealth program member companies held throughout Ohio this February. 

If you’re not familiar with ERChealth, maybe you should be. Starting in 1999 as a preferred risk pool in the state of Ohio, ERChealth offers different features for mid-sized and small organizations. They include onsite coaches, free fitness club membership, a preventative care program and legitimate health insurance savings.

A case for outcomes-based incentives.

Although Bravo has been a service partner to ERChealth since 2010, I was reminded at these annual meetings that how remarkable the program results truly are. 90% of groups in the pool renewed for 2018-2019 and experienced an average renewal of just 3.5%, well below the market average. Additionally, the efforts to address preventable health risks continue to pay off:


These tremendous results are fueled by incentives that ERChealth offers to companies that comply with elements of their wellness initiative.

"Employer groups will see their insurance costs well below the market average when they become a member of ERChealth. We offer an array of rewards for both employees and employers while packaging this all with best in class benefits. Our wellness consultants working with the HR staff at an employer group sets the pace for wellness activities so no groups feel overwhelmed. The program is customized to meet the goals and objectives within each employers environment while seeing the results of being part of a preferred risk pool." 

– Jill Laverdiere, Manager of ERCHealth Academy

Companies that promote employee participation in an annual physician visit save money and experience better health in their population. The greatest savings, however, are achieved when groups implement an outcomes-based program that rewards individuals for managing Cardio Metabolic Syndrome (CMS). Those who have 3 or more of the CMS risks (blood pressure, triglycerides, waist measurement, HDL and glucose) are offered modest improvement goals as well as coaching and other resources to help them succeed.

And it works! Rewarding companies who reward their employees for managing this risk is paying off by creating a healthier risk pool that everyone benefits from.


Bravo is proud to play a part in helping ERChealth achieve these results. Want more information? Contact ERChealth today at 216.367.8792.

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