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October 12, 2018 | Health Improvement, Corporate Wellness & Benefits, Video

How Bravo Helps Remove the Burden for HR Teams

We believe that a wellness program should inspire people to achieve their personal best. Improvements, even the smallest of them, are everything. That's why our best programs reward them, just like meeting a healthy outcome or completing a health-related activity!

But a comprehensively designed wellness program can be a burden to execute, without the resources and people to manage it every day. 

That's why we have a dedicated team to guide your wellness program implementation. We're asking the right questions understand your unique culture and objectives, and constantly looking for ways to free up your team to focus on the other important aspects of their jobs.

Meet Nicole Grasso, one of Bravo's Wellness Strategists, and learn why she joined the wellness industry and how her role helps support our clients' HR and benefits professionals by being an extension of their team.


Topics: Health Improvement, Corporate Wellness & Benefits, Video

Watch our recorded webinar to learn how to: find your cultural markers, determine the values that should be driving success, and design a strategy to market wellness based on the things that matter most to your population.

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To truly inspire people to maintain or improve their health, the organization’s culture must facilitate and support those goals. Watch this webinar to learn how to build a culture that employees appreciate and supports well-being.

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