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August 29, 2018 | Engagement, Culture, Well-Being

Guide: How to Build a Wellness Champion Network

wellness-champion-guide-blog-post-2Research has shown that people are influenced by the health status and behaviors of their friends, family and coworkers. As a result, many organizations are seeking out wellness champions: employees who are passionate about good health, demonstrate an ability to lead or influence others, and have good relationships with their co-workers.

In this guide, you'll find out best practices on how to launch and grow a wellness champion network that supports your culture and helps achieve the goals of your wellness initiatives.

Also in this guide:

  • How to construct a business case that leadership can buy into
  • What characterizes a good wellness champion and how to recruit them
  • How to mature your wellness champion network over time
  • Start-today wellness champion activities and tips


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Topics: Engagement, Culture, Well-Being

To truly inspire people to maintain or improve their health, the organization’s culture must facilitate and support those goals. Watch this webinar to learn how to build a culture that employees appreciate and supports well-being.

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