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October 31, 2018 | News, Corporate Wellness & Benefits, Video

Kaiser 2018 Employer Health Benefits Survey Video Review

The Kaiser Family Foundation Health Benefits Survey was released earlier this month, confirming the annual trend of increases for employer-sponsored healthcare premiums and deductibles for employees and their families.

Since 2008, average family premiums have jumped 55 percent, which is twice as fast as workers' earnings (26%) and three times as fast as inflation (17%). 

This year, the survey found that annual family premiums rose 5 percent to an average of $19,616. Single coverage rose 3 percent to an average of $6,896. The burden of employee deductibles continues to increase too. 

Watch the video to hear our perspective on the survey and how wellness can be an equitable solution to the rising costs of healthcare premiums and deductibles.

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Topics: News, Corporate Wellness & Benefits, Video

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