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Participant Story: Other People are Catching On

When Bravo began administering her company's employee wellness program in 2017, Karin decided to take back control of her life.

Following the program steps, Karin completed a screening and followed up with her doctor to create an action plan for getting healthier. She began taking the Online Health University courses, which helped her think about food and nutrition more positively and effectively.

With support from the LivingLean program, Karin lost 60 pounds.

Karin has been an inspiration to those around her and has influenced others to make healthier eating choices and become more physically active.

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She didn’t push her husband to this new lifestyle, but just by learning to cook healthier meals, he went from a size 6-XL to 2-XL and is still losing weight.

When Karin started making these changes in her home, she remembers her husband saying one night, “I feel really different than I did a couple of months ago. I have more energy.”

Karin says that their collective health improvement has made a big difference in their lives. They exercise together regularly, and now, when her husband has movie nights with his friends, he brings veggies as a snack.

Karin is just one out of many who decided to take action after gaining a better understanding of her health through her company's wellness program. Now, she’s helping others do the same.

Without question, motivating and sustaining change is difficult. That's why Bravo helps you drive year-round participation and engagement in your wellness program in an intuitive, personal and inspiring way.

Learn more about our comprehensive engagement strategy by scheduling a demo today.

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