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October 29, 2019 | Well-Being, Health Improvement

Participant Story: What Motivated Me to Change

Motivation for creating a healthier lifestyle comes in a variety of different forms. For some, a wellness screening result is motivation enough to make a change. For others, it may be a comment from a doctor, or urging from a family member. Sometimes, motivation comes where you least expect it.

Gary knew from his screening that his cholesterol and blood pressure weren’t within healthy ranges. However, his biggest motivator for change wasn’t the knowledge of the risk or the incentive. It was an experience with his twin daughters that really opened his eyes.

Gary Townsend - TravelCenters of America-1How Gary lowered his weight and reduced his blood pressure and cholesterol readings.

"The biggest motivator for me happened in May 2016. I had not gotten the lowest rates the year before due to my cholesterol and blood pressure, and my weight was continuing to increase.

"One night while getting ready to watch a movie with my kids, my twin daughters got into an argument over which one of them was going to sit on 'fluffy pillow man' (me, in case that wasn't obvious).

"That was the eye opener for me. I renewed my gym membership and started eating healthy every day. My blood pressure and cholesterol were down to normal ranges by the end of that year, and I've lost of total of 30 pounds and am currently at 12% body fat and feel great.

"I have tons more energy and sleep much better than I did before. I'm able to keep up with my kids, and I think it makes me a better father and husband because of my increased energy.

"With a family history of high cholesterol and heart disease, this was probably the smartest thing I've ever done for myself and my family."

Without question, motivating and sustaining change is difficult. That's why Bravo helps you drive year-round participation and engagement in your wellness program in an intuitive, personal and inspiring way.

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Topics: Well-Being, Health Improvement

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