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The Importance of Improving Employee Emotional Well-Being

More than ever, organizations must understand the need to prioritize both the physical AND mental health of employees. The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has been an unprecedented event, disrupting our way of life and causing increased stress and anxiety for workers everywhere.

Before the pandemic began, The National Institute of Mental Health reported that 35% of US adults struggle with emotional concerns that aren’t at a diagnosable level. And The Standard’s Absence and Disability Readiness Index found that only 29% of employers felt very confident in accommodating employees’ mental health conditions.

When employees are given the tools and support for emotional well-being, they are more productive, miss less work, and are far more engaged in their jobs.

That’s why Cleveland Clinic developed an emotional health coaching program called Clarity.

Improving Emotional Well-Being in the Workplace

With the addition of the new Clarity coaching program, the Cleveland Clinic coaching suite truly covers the full spectrum of employee well-being. Incorporating Cleveland Clinic coaching into a comprehensive wellness program from Cleveland Clinic | Bravo maximizes participation and health improvement.

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More About Cleveland Clinic's Emotional Health Coaching Program Clarity

Clarity is a Cleveland Clinic personal health coaching program that focuses on the participant’s overall emotional well-being and uses a series of validated measures to assess stress, emotional well-being and workplace performance. Participants track their mood daily and learn and practice strategies to better cope with mild stress, worry or unhappiness that isn’t at the level of a diagnosable mental health disorder. 

As with other Cleveland Clinic coaching programs, participants begin their relationship via email but can grow include a variety of touchpoints that meet their needs, including text, phone or video chat. Instead of waiting weeks between sessions, participants have the freedom to email their coach any time during the day to receive a response typically within 24 hours.

Clarity is neither a counseling program nor a replacement for counseling. Participants take a brief assessment to determine eligibility for the program; coaches refer individuals who score above the predetermined cut-scores to other available channels—including the employee assistance program, insurance or community resources—for an appropriate level of care. All interactions are overseen by licensed mental health clinicians to provide crisis intervention in case of emergencies.

Watch the video below for a brief overview of the Clarity personal health coaching program.


Additional Cleveland Clinic | Bravo Programs to Support Physical and Emotional Health and Well-Being

Navigating Change (Available Now)

Cleveland Clinic launched Navigating Change as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Over the course of eight weeks, participants receive dedicated support and information specific to their personal, work and family needs. Bravo implemented Navigating change for several clients both as a total-population support tool and as a replacement for screenings for clients who were wary of rescheduling on-site biometric screenings.

While Cleveland Clinic created Navigating Change to support employees during the COVID-19 outbreak, Navigating Change can apply to change and uncertainty in an individual’s personal life—not just during the pandemic.

Learn more about Navigating Change

Focus (Coming Soon)

Every individual deserves to have and learn the skills and tools they need to be successful. That’s why Cleveland Clinic created Focus. Focus is an interactive, easy-to-access program led by Cleveland Clinic eCoaches from various specialties to help participants solve problems, become organized, and manage time better. Focus assists individuals who struggle with attention and concentration issues and supports and guides them in making positive changes and developing helpful habits that allow them to become more productive, organized, and balanced.

Immune Strength (Coming Soon)

Are you one of 50 million Americans with a disease of the immune system or perhaps just someone interested in doing everything possible to bolster your immune function to achieve a healthier life? Immune Strength is an evidence-based 10-week online program designed to achieve wellness by helping you to train and maintain your immune system. Learn from the Cleveland Clinic experts to develop strategies and implement behavior changes to affect healthier immune functioning.

For more information about Immune Strength, sign up for our webinar series for the live link or the recording:

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