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Overcome Industry Challenges to Integrating Wellness in the Workplace

Many organizations want their employees to be healthy, more productive and more engaged. Most large employers have a wellness program, but they don't see improvements in those areas. 

While there are ways to design a wellness program that inspires personal improvement, control healthcare costs, and attract/retain talent, you may need to look deeper into your organization's culture to identify the barriers to improved health among your population.

In fact, 40 percent of wellness program effectiveness is attributed to what a company does to create opportunities in the work environment for employees to be well.

In this informative guide, we're sharing scenarios from four industries and presenting two types of approaches to changing the unspoken norms and beliefs that govern our behavior in the workplace. 

Get ready to meet the people who can drive the integration of wellness into the fabric of your workplace: the chief wellness officer, and the wellness champion network.

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